Riding team consists of a squad of 12 members, making up an A team and a B team.

Fixtures and Results

Each of the teams has 4 competitions throughout the year – 3 held at other Scottish universities and one home show (possibly more if the team successfully reaches regionals and nationals). 4 team members compete at a show. BUCS competitions do not require you to have your own horse, as the horses are provided by the venue of the hosting university at each competition. After a short warm-up period, riders are expected to be able to complete a simple dressage test (walk, trot and canter) and jump a course of show jumps around 80cm on an unknown horse. Team try-outs are held in September to select the teams for the upcoming year. If you would like more information on riding for the team, please get in touch.


A team – BUCS championship league
B team – BUCS trophy league

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